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Confidence is fear || Neem Candies
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As long as you keep giving importance to what you get from here and there, you will live in fear. And that is not necessary. Nobody wants to live in fear, right? Neither do you want to live in fear, nor do I want to live in fear. That is not necessary at all.

The more the world will mean to you, the more afraid you will be. The more your mind is full of others and thoughts of others and opinions of others—what the others can give, what the others can take, what they are saying, how they are looking, how I am looking to others—as long as your mind is full of this, your face will be dripping with fear. The more is the presence of the world here (pointing to the head) , the more is life full of fear. The more life is full of fear, the more is the demand for confidence.

Unfortunately, confidence is no treatment for fear.

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