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Complete within, you can live and die || Neem Candies
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The ego is nothing but the meanings and significances you attach to the world. You attach all that to the world because of a flawed notion of yourself. You look at stuff, and that stuff starts having value or meaning principally because you think you lack that value or meaning within yourself.

Once your interiors are so full that they lack nothing, then you do not look at the world to demand something, to crave something. That itself is the Truth. Truth is not an attainment; it is just freedom from a false sense of incompleteness.

Complete within, you do not repeatedly turn to the world begging for companionship. Complete within, you do not even have anything against the world. Complete within, you are free to engage in energetic action, vigorous doing, without having a particular fruit in mind.

Now you can love, now you can fight, now you can live, and now you can die.

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