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Children’s Day: Unpopular opinion but true || Neem Candies
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If it were a perfect world, kids would be born only to Buddhas because only they know what parenting is. Only they, in the real sense, deserve to be parents. But we do beget kids. And if you are a father or a mother—could be any reason, random chance of biology—it is a great challenge.

To really raise a kid, you will have to raise yourself. Remaining what you are, how will you act as a guardian? It is a Godlike work. Raising someone to become a man or a woman is a work that requires the depth and breadth of God himself.

But the birth of the child is an opportunity as well. You can then tell yourself, “Now is my time to take a second birth. I will grow along with the child. A tremendous responsibility has come to me, and with my vagrant ways it won’t be possible to fulfill it. So I better buckle.”

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