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Ask yourself: which road to take? || Neem Candies
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Before you excel, ask yourself, “What must I excel in? What is worth it?” Before you speed down a road, ask yourself, “Which road to take?” Speed comes later; choice of the right road comes first.

It is far better to be slow on the right road than to be lightning-quick down the wrong road towards your own destruction. Making the perfect choice is far more important than being perfect at the perfect choice. Pick up the right project even if you can’t initially excel at it.

Instead, you are taught to choose as per your strengths, because that’s what the society and the body want. They say, “Pick up something you can excel at.” That’s a very, very bad way of decision-making.

First of all, realize what is it that really must be done— must be done. And then pick it up even if you cannot excel at it. Slowly, you will learn.

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