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Are you a puppet in your relationship? || Neem Candies
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Weakness is such a great strength. The child controls the mother—how? Not through his strength, but through his weakness. Decades and decades of the mother’s life are controlled by the child through the child’s weakness.

If the wife is strong, or if the husband is strong, they would not really want to control the life of their spouse. But if the wife is weak, see how she would control the life of her husband. In fact, the very desire to control and exercise strength arises from weakness.

You might think that somebody is weak, but see how that which seems as weak is the most potent, lethal and effective weapon. Madness is supposed to be a weakness, right? But I am mad, and I will commit suicide if you do not live as I want you to live. And you know the person is mad. And then you would be controlled by him, because he is weak and he can commit suicide. So, you have to live by his dictates.

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