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For Monthly Expense & Publicity Work of the Foundation
Required funds for the Sept'23
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Other Amount

For publicity (Rs. 70 lakhs/month)

Almost all of us are connected with Acharya Ji on Social Media platforms. Foundation is active on more than 40 social media platforms.

Acharya Ji's YT channel has more than 10,000 videos. Other social media platforms have a regular posting schedule of Acharya Ji's teachings but still, daily publicity is needed to bring it to you.

Foundation spends around 3 lakhs per day only on ads and publicity. Our vision is to bring Acharya Ji's teachings to every individual.

Your contribution here will directly help to connect more and more people to the mission.

For YouTube Videos (Rs. 10 lakhs/month)

Acharya Ji's Youtube channel has more than 10000 videos. Around 10 crore people have benefitted from these videos in the past 1 year.

To bring Acharya Ji's teachings to you in the best way possible, we need good equipment to shoot the videos and a video editing team to process them.

Foundation spends more than 10 lakhs per month to maintain the existing repository of more than 10,000 videos and publish new videos.

Your contribution will help us to save and bring these timeless teachings to you in the best way possible.

For Free Counselling Department (Rs. 10 lakhs / month)

Thousands of seekers fill out the enquiry form every month to get in touch with Acharya Ji.

Foundation has a team of more than 40 counselors who answers the queries of these seekers and help them come close to Acharya Ji.

We still are not able to connect to every person who fills up the form due to a lack of resources.

You can contribute to help expand this team of counselors.

For IT Department (Rs. 10 lakhs/month)

Acharya Ji's teachings are brought to the masses in the form of eBooks, video series, and various other digital mediums. Foundation has 2 apps and 4 websites with more than a lakh of monthly active users.

You can contribute to maintaining these platforms and developing new software.