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Real inner transformation || Neem Candies
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Real transformation does not occur with an end in sight. It does not say, “I am on the second floor and I have to go to the tenth floor.” It says, “I don’t have to be on the second floor, that’s all. I don’t have to be here. Doesn’t matter where I go to.”

Such is the tremendous intensity of the desire not to be, not be what you have become. You don’t wait to have a roadmap in hand. You don’t wait to be assured of a comfortable destination. You don’t wait to be guaranteed a safe journey and a safe arrival. You just say, “I have to leave.”

To where?

“I don’t bother.”

Where will you go? How will you travel? What’s the destination? When are you reaching?

“I don’t bother. I just have to leave.”

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